Retro colors come in a variety of hues but tend to be more muted.  They don’t draw from primary colors, but range from neutrals such as creams, yellowed browns, purple, orange to blues, sage green, teal, and art deco style pastels such as peach or pale pink.

Color influences range from the 1920s to the 1980s.  As time passed, colors became brighter. However, the large time range gives designers a huge variety of influences to draw from.

Retro templates are becoming increasingly popular in website design.  These templates are characterized by iconic imagery from a particular time period, vivid graphics, and muted colors.  This popular trend is emerging, not only in website design but in paintings, adverts and in fashion, home decor and color pallet choices.


Retro is about giving space to the past, whether by using funky seventies psychedelics, the oversized light fixtures popular in the sixties, or mid-century style chairs, retro is back in a big way.  Texture is often used to provide a gritty feel, mimicking popular printing techniques of the time. S hop our Retro Collection


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