Amalfi Collection

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Artisan Printed Collection

Our new collection is a curated selection of wearable art that beautifully balances tradition and
modernity, simplicity and extravagance. It's a playful blend of eclectic prints, designed to inspire
joy and express individuality. Each piece is a vibrant canvas of color, meticulously designed to
make heads turn.

The Best Resorts in Ibiza 2024

From rustic-chic agroturismos to serene spa resorts, Ibiza's resorts are a cut above the rest. We’ve compiled a list of the best luxury resorts in the world that can go perfectly with ME369 look!

Rocky Barnes X Me369

The perfect oriental printed collection for holiday season day and night. Our collection combines prints and shades full of style, colors and comfort for all hours of the day.

Everything You Don’t Know About Amalfi

If you wanted to land the most plum address on the Amalfi, this would be it — perched high in the cliffs, built into the rock face overlooking the sea, and within view of the sweet fishing village of Conca dei Marini.